I am available to teach writing workshops in corporate settings and small-group seminars. I specialize in teaching business communication and essay writing, focusing on using everyone’s natural story-telling abilities to craft clear, effective, and persuasive prose for marketing, proposals, emails, job-hunting, academia, and other applications.

I have been teaching Composition 1101 and 1102 in addition to Business Communication courses for seven years at George Mason University and Florida Institute of Technology. I often receive evaluations from my students with comments about my extraordinary commitment to my subject matter and my efforts to connect them with it. I am quick to respond to questions and further discussion to drive students to understand the connections between writing, communication, and the real world. I am always looking for new articles and research that I can implement in my course syllabus.

I am a literary and cultural theorist. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from Florida International University, an interdisciplinary degree in which I studied literary theory and mass communication. I completed 18 hours of English coursework, qualifying me to teach most undergraduate composition and communications courses.

I began my graduate course work at New York University, studying under established post-structuralist thinkers, including Jacques Derrida, who heavily influenced my projects of investigation in academia. With a substantial smattering of English courses, filled out by mass communication theory and Great Ideas seminars focusing on educational, political, and cultural theory, I completed my thesis in 2006, “The Amazing Race: Games, Play, the Uncanny and the Spectacle,” graduating with a 4.0 GPA.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Florida. I studied English as my major, but also minored in Classics and Art History.



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